There, it connects

WoWSpace will create a Web3 platform that matches overseas
human resources interested in learning Japanese and working
in Japan with Japanese companies that are actively recruiting a diverse range of、
human resources, from advanced STEAM professionals to essential workers。

無料なら試してみるか 海外人材がダイレクトスカウトできるアプリ?
検索だけなら無料か… 試しに検索してみよう 日本語の勉強して
検索したみたい 試しに
いるのか・・・ 続きを見る

Three services that connect everything

Three services with different entrances are interlocked with each other. Our unique matching theory system realizes highly accurate linkage.

WoW Academy

Free Language Learning Apps

  • Learn and earn→Learn for free and earn at the same time.
  • The curriculum is dynamically optimized Evidence-Based Education→Dynamically personalized based on learning history (level of understanding)。

Company Information Retrieval App

  • Understanding Japanese companies → Jump to the website of the company that contacted you.
  • Academy linked → Visualization of learning history and behavior
  • Direct chat with real-time translation between Japanese and English


Advanced STEAM Workforce Information Acquisition App

  • Simple search is completely free
  • Detailed data can be obtained with a paid plan.
  • Automatic translation chat tool → Japanese⇔English real-time translation
  • AI Chatbot Function



What is the WoWSPACE?

A place where everyone in the world can learn and grow equally.
That is WoWSPACE.

The population is in full-scale decline. Shortage of human resources in society as a whole, including advanced STEAM human resources.

The shift from Japanese-style membership-based employment to job-based employment is accelerating. We have applied “Matching Theory” and implemented it in WoWSPACE to realize “Recruitment without Failure” by analyzing various data such as skills, experience, competencies (behavioral characteristics), and personal preferences.

WoW Coin, with the slogan “Learn and Earn,” is dedicated to creating a better society and contributing to its development.

By circulating unique point tokens (learning point acquisition) and operating user communities as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), we will achieve both economic development and solutions to social issues with a system that highly integrates cyber space (virtual space) and physical space (real space).